• Whether it’s stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree

    We carried out head to head comparisons between individual blockers and the combination of blockers for both long term efficacy and safety data. Analysis was stratified by patient cohorts with and without heart failure. Analysis was also done to evaluate the safety outcomes between dual blockers (ACE inhibitors+angiotensin receptor blockers, angiotensin receptor blockers+aliskiren, ACE inhibitors+aliskiren) and individual blockers.Publication bias was estimated visually by funnel plots10 or by Begg’s test and the weighted regression test of Egger.11 If there was evidence of publication bias, we applied the trim and fill method to adjust the results of the meta analysis.12Sensitivity analysisSensitivity analysis was performed for safety outcomes based on the cohort of patients with heart failure versus the cohort without, risk of bias in the trial (low v high), duration of follow up (v 1year), and number of patients (v 500).

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