• 44 This seems logical when a greater level of trait mindfulness

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    pandora necklaces This study presents a follow up of our earlier study on an online mindfulness course that examined change in perceived stress.41 It extends our previous study by examining the effect of the course on depression and anxiety symptoms, benchmarking the effects against other studies by using measures that are now widely used in primary care practices in the UK. More significantly, these measures are used in the IAPT initiative, a major roll out project in England that supports the NHS in implementing National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders by offering a realistic and routine first line treatment.Although the mechanisms of change at work in mindfulness interventions are unclear, many researchers agree that the meditation practices taught during mindfulness courses cultivate awareness and acceptance, which lower levels of anxiety, depression and stress.44 This seems logical when a greater level of trait mindfulness equates to lower levels of stress45 and when larger amounts of practice increase trait mindfulness and decrease low mood.20 However, there are mixed results when investigating the amount of mindfulness practice as a mediator of change. Other investigations of face to face mindfulness courses20,46 and an online course37 have reported that a greater amount of meditation practice is associated with greater decreases in stress, but we did not find this in our preliminary investigation.41 The study gives the opportunity to re examine whether the amount of practice mediates degree of change in outcome, using a larger sample size where it should be easier to detect a significant effect if it is present.The hypotheses are (1) that perceived stress, anxiety and depression will significantly decrease at course completion, (2) that the decrease will be maintained at follow up; that is, the size of the change at follow up will remain significantly different from pretest levels, (3) that participants who practice more will have a larger decrease in negative mood and (4) that the decrease will be comparable to other types of intervention pandora necklaces.

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